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September 16th, 2018 Bulletin & News

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My brothers and sisters in Christ,

During my leave, I invite all of you, sisters and brothers, to rediscover and to renew yourselves in the words and power of the Risen and Victorious Christ Jesus. I sincerely am grateful for your prayers and support, your understanding and patience as I work through my father’s passing over to the Lord. Please, be assured of my prayers.

Grace and Peace, Fr. Russell

Finding Hope In Hard Times

“To say of a situation, ‘It is out of my hands,’ can represent a fatalistic remark or a mark of faith. Faith, after all, might seem to major in resignation; it too asks us to say, ‘I give myself into hands beyond my own.’ But faith looks very different from fatalism. It is its radical opposite. Rather than displaying passive resignation, faith leads us to hopeful willingness. A person of faith is willing to let new things happen and shoulder responsibilities that arise from unheard-of possibilities . . . When we view life as a gift, as something given to us by a loving God, not wrestled by us from an impersonal fate, we remember that at the heart of reality rests the love of God itself,” Turn My Mourning Into Dancing: Finding Hope In Hard Times by Fr. Henri Nouwen

Is it time to become Catholic?

Maybe you are getting married, your spouse is Catholic, other members of the family are Catholic, you want to receive Holy Communion, or you want to find out about the Catholic faith. Regardless of the reason, St. Elizabeth Seton parish offers the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) program to help you explore your faith, learn about Catholicism, and inquire whether it may be right for you. You will join others who are sharing the same experience. During this program, you will be baptized (if necessary), receive confirmation into the Church, and receive Holy Communion. The program is beginning at this time. For further information or to register, call St. Elizabeth’s Faith Formation department at 239-455-3900.