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LentLetters from Padre

Palm Sunday Apr 5th, 2020 Bulletin & News

Dear Parishioners,

We are celebrating Palm Sunday, last Sunday of Lent. Tomorrow is the start of Holy Week. Thursday afternoon starts the Holy Triduum, the Holiest time of the year, where we live the Passion, Death and Resurrection of our Lord. Today, we remember how the people welcomed The Messiah with palms and spreading their cloaks on the road, as they did with the King, but, the same people, the next day, will be shouting: “crucify him, crucify him”. That people, is us. We easily forget everything The Lord has done for us and we become doubtful and walk away from Him. May this time of recollection, of prayer, of sacrifice, of penance and of conversion, allows us to remember and to be grateful to The One who gave His life for us.

-Father Luis Pacheco