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So much gratitude…

My sisters and brothers, the responses by our parish and/or school members and those from other faith communities have been overwhelming and joyful. We need to thank:

The Parish and School staff for their commitment and ceaseless work to ensure that our community returns to normalcy. Many of them have devoted countless hours.

Mr. David Tripp of Superior Propane (239-595-1264) on 5450 Shirley Street, Suite A in Naples. Mr. Tripp and his father immediately offered to use their equipment to take down limbs and pile the debris from Hurricane Irma. David also lent the parish a generator so that we could celebrate Mass in the Parish Center.

Mrs. Debbie Gallucci of Imperial Interlocking Paver, Corp on 12915 Collier Blvd. in Naples (239-261-9981). I have known Debbie since my days on Marco Island. Debbie’s company installed the Memorial Pavers. During their work on this project, Debbie and her crew did additional work free of charge. Thanks to Debbie and her crew’s work during the Labor Day weekend, damage was averted that would have caused more challenges for the school.

Mr. Tom Trombly of Florida Evergreen (239-228-5419) on 171 Commercial Blvd. in Naples. Mr. Trombly’s crew cut trees and collected debris after Hurricane Irma, and Florida Evergreen has cared for the parish and school grounds at cost since my arrival.

Fr. Bob Kantor and the faith community of St. Agnes provide us extra chairs needed to celebrate Mass in the gym. In addition, Fr. Bob has been an outstanding dean for the Naples area of our diocese, and a good and solid friend to me.

And last but never least, thanks to all of you. Your prayers, commitment, and support have moved me to joy. Your offering of talent, time, and treasure have been a blessing and grace. What a relief to know that we can rely upon one another’s presence and action.

These responses of which I have written are a testimony and witness to the Spirit’s movement and the power of Jesus as the Christ. These responses are the reality and truth of Jesus’ Paschal Mystery: nothing can overcome the power of God who is love. These responses are models that we never can be a people who only speak of faith, but we also must be a people empowered and moved in/by our faith.

Fr. Russell