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November 26th, 2017 Bulletin & News

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Letters from Padre

My sisters and brothers,

It is during Thanksgiving that we are called to reflect upon God’s blessings, especially during challenging ones. Even during this year of various adjustments and transitions due to a new administration and the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, we remain a Eucharistic people – a thankful people.

A thankful people is a hopeful people. We continue to move forward, discovering God’s grace that can remain “hidden and buried” under the chaos that occurs in life. I am thankful to our parish staff, school faculty, Frs. Luis and John, and you for reminding me to move forward and seek the Lord, because He is waiting to be found.

Grace and peace,
Fr. Russell

My dear sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus,

The following letter was sent to each pastor of St. Agnes Catholic Church and San Marco Catholic Church. I hope and pray that I communicated and expressed our hearfelt gratitude for each parish’s Christ-like care and generosity.

St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church and myself cannot simply say “thank you” for your contribution to our repair and restoration fund. Your pastor and youselves showered St. Elizabeth with an abudance of concern immediately after Hurricane Irma’s departure. That gesture in itself has been a grace and treasure that we always will remember and honor.

As I previously have communicated to our parish family, your Christ-like generosity and self-giving consummately illustrate our “catholicity” (universality): although we are many, we are one in the Mystical Body of Christ. We were moved to a greater appreciation of being sisters and brothers in our faith. We are resolved in following your example to seek and to reach out those in any type of need, being Christ Jesus’ salt and light to the world.

It is more than money. You showed us that in times of chaos and disorder that God will bring comfort and peace to His people. This, most of all, will continue to inspire and aspire us toward our discipleship and stewarship in God’s Kingdom.

Peace, grace, and gratitude,
Fr. Russell Ruggiero and the Congregation of St. Elizabeth Seton