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November 12th, 2017 Bulletin & News

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From Padre,

My dear sisters and brothers,

It is my joy and pleasure to share with you this good news. On Tuesday, November 7th, we finalized our contract with Gilbane (our contractor) and will begin our restoration process this week.

The estimated cost will be around $1.5 million. Please recall that our deductible is around $200,000, and that these dollar amounts include all church buildings and property.

I have requested that the contractor’s focus be our church. Given the extensive damage, we are looking at three months (sometime in February) for our return. According to my personal consultants who are familiar with the construction industry, both the cost and time are reasonable.

I am sincerely appreciative and grateful for your prayers, patience and understanding. It is your support that has encouraged our staff during these challenging times. It is our belief and hope that everyone will be pleased with our church and other buildings upon their completion.

Sincerely yours in Christ’s service,
Fr. Russell

We Pray for Texas

We ask the Lord for justice. We ask Him for answers. We mourn the loss of innocent young, middle-aged and senior souls, lives senselessly lost. We offer prayers and comfort. We ask why and how could this happen. We ask so many questions and so much from God and others.

When do we begin to ask what we should do as a People of Faith? We offer our prayers for the families. We pray for our country. Let us not forget to pray for God’s wisdom that we be a prophetic people who preach how to respond toward a world of peace. Amen.