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Nov. 15th, 2020 Bulletin & News

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Buried Treasure

From the Desk of Fr. Casey

Growing up in Florida as a child, I must say, I have always had a fascination with finding buried treasure. Maybe it’s because I saw the movie Goonies so many times, or maybe I was excited by artifacts my father brought up in his shrimps nets: ancient rigging, pottery and even a cannon ball or two, from real Spanish galleons, but alas, no gold.
Jesus, in the gospel we read today, invites us to seek Buried Treasure, not gold or gems buried by sea pirates, but rather golden talents buried in ourselves, or buried in the world, that have not yet been put to use in advancing God’s kingdom. What are the talents that you have that could be used to build the Kingdom of God?

Maybe you have a gift for welcoming others and making them feel at home. Would you consider joining our new Hospitality Team as a greeter or usher? Do you have musical talent, instrumental or vocal? Would you consider joining our Music Team? Are you gifted in the area of events or finance? Would you consider offering your talents to the parish? Have you ever tried teaching? We are always looking for help in Faith Formation. Do you have a speaking voice? Would you consider proclaiming the scriptures at Mass? We have so much need and ways to serve beyond where we are currently blessed: Altar Servers, Communion Ministers, Office Volunteers, and assistance to the poor with St. Vincent DePaul. Maybe you have a gift that I have not mentioned here. If you do and would like to serve, let us know! This gospel is God’s call. There is a place for you to use your God-given gifts and resources here at your parish, and we want to help you serve in God’s Kingdom!

Please just reach out to our Parish Office 239-455-3900 or go to so we can call you.