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Nov 11th, 2018 Bulletin & News

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From Father Luis Pacheco

Dear Parishioners: It is with great joy and happiness that we welcome our new Administrator, Fr. Casey Jones. He is moving and assuming his new ministry among us on Monday, November 12th. Please, allow him a few weeks to be fully settled and familiar with the community to avoid overwhelming him. I personally wish my brother, Fr. Casey, great Spiritual success in our loving and most special Parish and School of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Time is advancing rapidly. It is hard to believe that we already are in November with Thanksgiving coming up and before you know it, it will be Christmas and then the year will be gone. I hope and pray that we, you and I, have been able to grow Spiritually and changing our ways to follow the Lord’s will.

I am reading a book about the Divine Will with the 24 hours of the Passion of The Christ. It is a book by Luisa Piccarreta. It was the recommendation of a parishioner of St. Agnes. It is about meditating the last 24 hours of the Passion of Jesus. It guides you to meditate an hour of Jesus’s passion a day for 24 days. I am planning to do it starting December 1st and ending Christmas Eve, the 24th. Why don’t we all do it together to learn what’s God’s Divine Will for us? God Bless!