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From the Desk of Pastor Casey

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Next Sunday June 6, is the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. Following the 10am Mass, our parish is planning to celebrate this sacred feast with a Eucharist procession and some fun after, as several food trucks will be on site offering their specialties for purchase. While I am sure most of us can appreciate the value of Food Trucks (!), I found this beautiful summary of the value of a Eucharistic Procession. This was put together by the good bishop of the Diocese of Phoenix, Most Rev. Thomas Olmsted. I hope these words provide the motivation for you all to be a part of this glorious procession:

Consider what is communicated non-verbally to both those who participate and those who witness [a Eucharistic procession]:
that Christ is truly present in the Eucharis;

  • that He personally leads His people through space and time;
  • that the faithful are linked to Him as His body-members;
  • that the bishop and priests are configured to Him as the head;
  • that everyone has a place in His body;
  • that the Church has a place and role in public, not just in private;
  • that the Church is not afraid of the world but confidently bears the light of Christ to it;
  • that the Church is filled with joy, peace, and confidence in Christ.

By Bishop Olmsted #VeneremurCernui

Our procession will go from the church doors, north on to 53rd Terrace, around the block of the school campus, down 52nd Terrace and briefly onto Golden Gate Parkway, returning to the front of the church. Several ministries of our parish will be providing the altars at each corner of our procession – thank you for this!

God Bless you and see you next week!

-Fr Casey Jones

PS: Most of the front parking lot, along Golden Gate Parkway, will be closed next Sunday for the food trucks.