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Mar. 14th, 2021 Bulletin & News


An Addiction by the Numbers

When dealing with the difficult topic of pornography, I thought I share with all of you some statistics I found in my research to prepare for last week’s Safe Haven Sunday.

  • 12% of all websites online are pornographic
  • Every second, over 28,000 people are looking at porn
  • 40 million Americans are regular porn viewers
  • 70% of men aged 18-24 regularly look at porn
  • The average age children are first exposed to porn is 11 years old
  • Nearly 27% of teens receive sexts (texts with pornography), 15% are sending them.
  • 57% of teens search out porn at least monthly.
  • 30% of women struggle with porn on a regular basis.
  • 68% of divorce cases involved one party meeting a new lover over the Internet.
  • 56% involved one party being “obsessed” with pornographic websites
  • 70% of wives of sex addicts could be diagnosed with PTSD

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, I am here for you, the Church is here for you. Let’s get free and help keep our children and families safe. Start here:

From the desk of Father Casey

Holy Week Schedule

Palm Sunday, March 28
Regular Weekend Schedule with Procession of Palms at the 11am Mass

Tuesday, March 30
No Adoration or Praise & Worship
Extended Confessions: 6-8pm, with Multiple Priests in English and Spanish

Holy Thursday, April 1
No 8am Mass
7:00pm Mass of the Last Supper (Bilingual)

Good Friday, April 2
No 8am Mass
Youth Re-enactment of the Stations of the Cross at 1:30 and 5:30pm, Outside on church grounds, Bilingual, about 50-minutes long
3:00pm Service in English
7:00pm Service in Spanish

Holy Saturday, April 3
No 8am Mass
No 4:30 or 6:30pm Mass
Easter Vigil Mass begins at 8:30pm

Easter Sunday, April 4 – He Is Risen!
7:30am in English
9:00am in English
11:00am in English
4:00pm in Spanish