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Let Your Soul Be Free…

Roman Guardini (priest, writer, and academician) writes, “. . . Open your hearts, lift up your eyes. Let your soul be free, for this is God’s temple. It is likewise the representation of you, yourself. For you, your soul and your body are the living temple of God. Open up that temple, make it spacious, give it height.” This thought reminds us of the necessity before arriving to church and before celebrating the Mass our disposition and preparation for celebrating Mass.

It also reminds us that the church first and foremost is a sacred space. We do not decorate or arrange our church like a “showcase” or a museum. The aesthetics and beauty of the church is to contribute to our private and communal prayer and worship. The signs and symbols incorporated in the church and Eucharistic Adoration Chapel are conduits that aid in our focus upon almighty God, assisting us in coming present before the God who steadfastly remains present to His children.

“Of small use to you is a house of wood and stone unless you yourself are God’s living dwelling. The high arched gates may be lifted up, and the portals parted wide, but unless the doors of your heart are open, how can the King of Glory enter in?,” Guardini. It is this idea that has been the driving force in renovating the church and creating the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel. These signs and symbols become “windows” that have us see God in His heaven and glory. We are reminded, by them, of God’s closeness, not God’s remoteness from his people.

The Eucharistic Adoration Chapel, as with the church, are renovated with “just enough” not to distract us from God’s sacred presence at Mass, but rather, they keep us focused and steadfast to our reason for being there; our reason to praise and worship God; and our reason for being a faith community. May you and I (personally and communally) take advantage of the awe, joy, and wonder of our Roman Catholic Faith Tradition. May we rightfully dispose ourselves by positioning ourselves to the miracle of the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Peace and grace. Fr. Russell

Remembering Dad

Remember Dad during the month of June at all Masses in our Fathers’ Day bouquet. What a wonderful way to thank our fathers and those men who accepted the fatherly role for children. Show Dad your gratitude and love!  Envelopes are located in the church vestibule and the parish office.