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BulletinsLetters from Padre

July 30th, 2017 Bulletin & News


My dear sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus,

Congratulations and thanks! Because of your conviction, commitment, and generosity, we have exceeded our CFA goal by over $35,000. By your sacrifice, you have partaken in assuring that our diocese is capable of continuing Jesus’ mission and ministry to proclaim the Kingdom of God not only in word but in deed.

The CFA allocates our collected pledge to provide a Catholic education to our children and youth; promote and form men for the ordained priesthood so that worship and the sacraments are possible; and through various ministries and programs, the vulnerable and marginalized are provided aid and comfort against injustices such as human trafficking, homelessness, and hunger.
Your sacrifice, united in Jesus’ sacrifice, is truly blessed because out of your self-gift, others are extended the opportunity to possess lives of peace, comfort, and hope. That is a wonderful and holy gift to bestow upon anyone. Such are some of the reasons to honor our pledges and commit to fulfill them: others are depending upon us to be God’s grace in their lives.

Your gift also benefits our own parish and family at St. Elizabeth Seton. As I have explained before, every cent and dollar that we exceed returns to our Faith Community- free from any diocesan assessment. This means that the diocese does not consider that excess as a monetary donation or gift in which to calculate our next assessment. This money permits us to consider and review our parish needs, especially as we grow and our buildings and equipment grow older! Once again, you have encouraged and inspired me by your constant witness that we at St. Elizabeth Seton are a welcoming community alive in the Spirit. I truly acknowledge God’s blessings of my assignment here.

In closing, always be assured of my prayers that I continue to follow Christ the Good Shepherd in journeying and leading the entire community to give glory and honor to God as we aspire to be trustworthy and good stewards. Peace, blessings, and grace.

In Christ Jesus’ service,
Fr. Russell