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July 29th, 2018 Bulletin & News


Stewardship can Sanctify

by Fr. Russell

A friend recently provided me a copy of Deacon Jay Cormier’s article. Here are some excerpts. “Our parish is a busy place- and not just on Sunday mornings. During the week, our kitchen hums as volunteers prepare meals for families in need. In a chapel-cum-workroom, our prayer shawl ministry prays and knits together . . . There are choir rehearsals and religious education classes, finance and liturgy committee meeting, the work of the pastoral council and the gardeners and landscapers . . . [There’s] a place for you and your skill- folks doing what they love to do and doing it well for the good of others.” Deacon Jay is reflecting upon the gospel passage of Matthew 11: 28-30 in which Jesus tells those who are burdened to take on His yoke. I always have considered that as something more “self-oriented”: Come to the Lord when you are stressed out and frazzled. While there may be some truth in that “interpretation,” Deacon Jay has a more positive and “other-oriented” understanding.

He continues his reflection by writing, “God has ‘fitted us with our own ‘yokes.’ God has given each of us some talent or skill, not just for our own use but for the benefit of all. The ‘ease’ of its ‘burden’ is that God asks us to give what we have and not take on something we are not; it is ‘light’ in the joy and satisfaction we experience in contributing the work we love and excel at- all for the good of our families, our church, our community.”

This is a call to stewardship. At St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church, we continue to assess and discern how it is that we (and each person) can respond to the call of being co-builders of God’s Kingdom. Everyone has some talent to contribute by her/his creation as a child of God. Please consider in participating in our ministries and committees. I guarantee that it not only will assist in our “sanctification,” but that of others. Peace and gratitude. -Fr. Russell