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July 21st, 2019 Bulletin & News


Gratitude from Father

Pope Francis once observed, speaking to his brother priests:

“When we anoint others, we ourselves are anointed anew by the faith and the affection of our people. We anoint by dirtying our hands in touching the wounds, the sins and the worries of the people. We anoint by perfuming our hands in touching their faith, their hopes, their fidelity and the unconditional generosity of their self-giving.”

As a priest, I am anointed and blessed by the love poured out in the lives of our parishioners, our school children, the teens of Bishop Verot and St. John Neumann, the young adults at FGCU and those whom the Lord has blessed me with in my priestly ministry.

I thank you for blessing me in this time of celebration. Thank you for those who attended the evening celebration of Friday, July 12th. Your affection expressed in gifts, cards, loving presence and kind words, from both those who attended and those who could not have been so very edifying. More than I could imagine, and far more than I deserve, such is the generosity of God, to which you have availed yourselves. “Thank you” cannot do justice to what you deserve, nor the gratitude which I feel.

There are far too many of you to thank by name, but there are some that must be mentioned: Ms. Claudia Herrera – our religious education assistant – worked so very hard to coordinate the celebration, and to prepare food. Thank you for your service and the gift you are to our community. I also would like to thank the Knights of Columbus for providing beverages and service along with assisting with some frying. I’d also like to thank Mr. Hector Salazar and Ms. Pamela Garcia, who work so hard day in and day out to make our parish the beautiful and welcoming community that it is, along with the rest of the dedicated and hardworking parish staff.

I would like to thank all who assisted with food preparation, baking and setup.

I am blessed beyond measure by all of you. Please pray that I be faithful to what God has called me, and may be as close as I can to becoming the priest you deserve.

In Christ, Fr. Casey

P.S. Thank you to all of the couples who assisted and attended our retreat this past weekend. We pray that the Love of the Lord drew all families closer to each other in him during the time of retreat. My we all be caught up in the Love of God, which surpasses all understanding.