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Well done, Good & Faithful Servants

Congratulations and many thanks, good and faithful stewards of our Lord Jesus Christ! Your commitment and conviction to the 2017 CFA was phenomenal. St. Elizabeth Seton’s participation in the Catholic Faith Appeal assists in assuring that our diocese can continue Jesus’ mission and ministry to proclaim and realize God’s Kingdom in the lives of so many people. As of January 18, 2018, we exceeded our goal of $203,000 by pledging $246,186. That is over %121 or $43,186. Total payment collected on our pledge is $242,586. St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church receives (as a non-assessable item) over $39,000 for OUR parish’s needs and use.

As always, I am grateful and thankful for your personal and communal testimony and witness to Christ Jesus to me. Our first year together as a parish family has had its challenges, but each of you (by your prayers and support) have given me hope and joy. I cannot thank you enough for this. And is it not these gifts of witnessing the hope and joy of Christ Jesus in one another’s lives that is our goal? This is my reason for participating in the Catholic Faith Appeal each year.

The Catholic Faith Appeal should be a vested interest for us because the collected money from all parishes helps ALL people who are in need. We benefit from many diocesan ministries and agencies such as : diocesan assistance/funding for St. Elizabeth Catholic School; Catholic Charities; television Masses; the education and formation of future ordained priests; the Haitian and Hispanic Apostolates; and the Respect Life Department. As Roman Catholics, we profess that we are a “universal” Church, reaching beyond ourselves and “sowing bountifully” the Word of God in Jesus Christ!

This year our goal is $204,000, only a slight increase. Although many of us are still recovering from Irma’s aftermath, just imagine how greater the challenge would have been without the diocesan assistance as a result of our yearly CFA. Catholic Charities provided our parishioners and those throughout the Diocese of Venice food, water, clothing, shoes, and other items to manage their lives during recovery. Without the CFA, St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic School would be confronting even more critical challenges to educate and form our children in a Roman Catholic identity and Tradition. So see, the Catholic Faith Appeal is not “something up there in Venice.” It is all of us.

Please join me this year to commit and convict, pledge and work to ensure that no one feels forgotten by God. I ask that you bring to prayer HOW it is you and your family can participate in this year’s Catholic Faith Appeal. Thank you for your prayers, talent, time, and treasure. Thank you for being a part of the St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church family.

In Christ Jesus’ service, Fr. Russell Ruggiero