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Thank you for a wonderful Christmas season!

We had a lot of opportunity to spread hope and joy during our Advent and Christmas seasons. Our parish added two events in December, including a great celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe on December 11. We have a wonderful Mass, procession and Mañanitas. And in between there were dancers and an amazing party with my favorite tacos! Over 1,500 people attended! It was truly wonderful.

The second event was a Drive-Thru Nativity and just over 200 cars came through. I really loved all the ways that the people in our parish participated in this new event, from the planning team, to the painters, to those that were at the Drive-Thru acting or doing the audio, directing traffic and handing-out things. This was a wonderful outreach to our neighbors here in Golden Gate and an event we will continue in the future.

Please look further in the bulletin to see pictures and thank you to everyone that made these events happen. Both were spectacular!

Thank you to all that served at our Christmas Masses. These Masses are a lot of work because of all the additional attendees and all the additional parts to the liturgy. Our parish went above and beyond with sacrifice and passion. I hope you all know of my appreciation. God Bless our parish in 2022!

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Casey Jones, Pastor