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Jan 13th, 2019 Bulletin & News

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All this He did for you!

“For you Jesus Christ came into the world. For you He lived and showed God’s love. For you He suffered the darkness of Calvary and cried at the last, ‘It is accomplished.’ For you He triumphed over death and rose to new life. For you he reigns at God’s right hand. All this He did for you, though you do not know it yet.”

There is a Scottish custom of speaking these words to a child on the day of her or his baptism. In these words, we are reminded of the love the Father has for us, that is poured out on us the day of our baptism.

By means of this baptism, the grace Jesus Christ won for us on the cross is literally poured out upon us. We are immersed in the saving passion of Jesus Christ, original sin (or every sin in the case of adult baptism) is wiped away, and we become a child of God. On the day of our baptism, the words spoken over Jesus on the day of His baptism are spoken to us: “This is my beloved child, in whom I am well pleased.” In baptism, we take on the identity of Christ. Our souls are forever changed, imprinted with a “sacramental character” or, if you will, an “indelible mark.” We are not the same from that day forward.

For some, that event was so long ago, that we may have alienated ourselves from its meaning, which is still true for us today, and this is simple. Because we have put on Christ, He is our identity. While the world judges us by what we do, God looks at us and sees His child born anew. Though we may forfeit this birthright by mortal sin, our character, or identity remains the same. I am a child of God. No matter what labels, stereotypes, and rash judgments may be cast my way, it’s good to know that I have been given a title that even the powers of sin, death, and hell cannot remove from me. I am, at the core of my very soul, a child of the living God. Praise the Lord for this day when Christ sanctified the waters, by which He has set me free with the blood of His Holy Cross!

Fr. Casey