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Weekend Masses (September 9 & 10), daily Mass for Monday (September 11), parish events, meetings, and gatherings have been CANCELLED. As Bishop Dewane reminds us, Church teaching dispenses any obligatory attendance of Mass under these circumstances. Our Faith Community’s safety is our highest priority. Keep checking our website for further updates. May Christ Jesus continue to bring peace and consolationn to all affected by Hurricane Irma. -Fr. Russell

Hurricane Irma Preparedness Info

Due to the expectation of damage and harm from the effects Hurricane Irma, the parish office will be closed and all parish events and meetings are cancelled from today Wednesday, Sept 6 through Monday, September 11.

Please follow news reports and follow all directions provided through them by local authorities. Remain safe and secure and please do not attempt drive until authorities have given clearance.

At this time, we will celebrate daily Masses at 8:00 AM, this Thursday and Friday. There is no daily Mass or confessions this Saturday. Concerning this weekend’s Mass schedule, please check our parish website at and our St. Elizabeth Seton Church Facebook page or watch the news. We will make every attempt to keep you updated through those medias.

Again, please keep informed and attentive to the local news and authorities. Even for weekend Masses, do not attempt to drive for Mass. Your personal safety is more important. Given the circumstances, there is no holy obligation to attend Mass. Remember, Jesus gave his life that we may live. Do not risk your life, God understands.

You, your loved ones, and all people affected by Hurricane Irma remain in our prayers. Let us turn to God who offers us hope. Peace and grace.

En Español:

debido a las expectativas de daños de los efectos del huracán Irma. La iglesia estará cerrada y también cualquier evento o reunión de la iglesia, están cancelados desde hoy miércoles Septiembre 6, hasta el lunes septiembre 11.

Por favor infórmese a través de las noticias y siga las instrucciones de las autoridades locales. no trate de conducir hasta que las autoridades lo permitan.

hasta ahora, celebraremos misa este jueves y viernes a las 8am. No habrá misa diaria ni confesiones el sábado.

Para las misas de este fin de semana por favor no trate de venir a la iglesia. debido a las circunstancias no hay obligación de venir a Misa. Revise la pagina web: o el Facebook de la iglesia, haremos todo lo posible para mantenerle informado.

Jesús dio su vida para que vivamos, No arriesgue su vida, Dios entiende.

Usted y su familia están en nuestras oraciones. Volvámonos a DIOS quien nos ofrece esperanza.

No olvide mantenerse informado a través de las autoridades y las noticias locales.

Paz y Gracia.

….. El Consulado Mexicano viene al salón parroquial de St. Elizabeth el 23 de Septiembre de 9:00 a 3:00 para hacer o renovar pasaportes, matrículas, licencias, etc. Es preferible hacer cita llamando al teléfono #1-877-639-4835. Gracias. Padre Luis H. Pacheco

Diocese of Venice Hurricane Preparedness Documents

Hurricane Irma is projected to impact the State of Florida as early as Saturday and could to have an effect through our Diocese. However, storm tracking data changes every six hours. Please monitor the situation for your area closely.