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February 18th, 2018 Bulletin & News

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From Padre…

It is with joyful celebration that we announce that St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church has 12 coming into communion or full communion with the Church. Please pray for them and all those throughout our Diocese of Venice and the world who are entering into our Roman Catholic Faith Tradition. After our Rite of Sending, they and all catechumens (those who need Baptism, Confirmation, and First Eucharist) and candidates (those who need Confirmation and/or First Eucharist) will join Bishop Frank Dewane at the Rite of Acceptance, continuing their faith journey. Lent and Easter seasons are reminders for us of our journey into a deeper and more intimate relationship with Christ Jesus, as well as our parish family and the Church…

Lent is a time of conversion- turning away from sinfulness by turning towards God in Jesus Christ. It includes more than an act to stop sinning. It is a discovery and renewal of our commitment and conviction to an intimate presence with Jesus.

Our “re-conversion,” if you will, requires examining those obstacles before us. God desires us to return to Him, and God’s desire cannot be overcome by ANY obstacle.
There are those who feel unwelcomed, as if there is no home in which to return. This belief is both false and untrue. God welcomes ALL of His children. There are no exceptions.

Anyone who feels that because she/he are excluded because of divorce, way of life, and any other choices made or matters in their lives are encouraged and invited to meet with either Fr. Luis or Fr. Russell. Let us assist you on your journey. You are neither alone nor isolated. You need not walk alone.
Lent is a time of healing- one that begins, proceeds, and concludes with an awareness that Jesus cares for us because He loves us. Your priests want to be that caring and healing Christ. Please consult the bulletin to contact one of your priests.

Peace and Grace. Fr. Russell