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February 11th, 2018 Bulletin & News

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CFA Commitment Sunday

St. Paul encouraged the Corinthians to direct all of their activities to God’s glory. The Diocese of Venice gives glory to God by caring for the poor, reaching out to those separated because of discrimination against age, disease and illness, and emotional material poverty, like today’s man with leprosy in the Gospel.

We reach out to the marginalized like Jesus when we participate in the Catholic Faith Appeal. Please see this Commitment Sunday as a kairos moment (an opportunity) to commit not to a financial goal, but rather, Jesus’ Gospel message to go and spread the “Good News” to all who feel isolated. Let’s begin to commit to Him.

From Padre

My dear sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus,

On behalf of Maria Niebuhr, our principal, we are extremely grateful to all the parishioners and everyone who participated in the Open House. Thank you for caring. As I communicated in January, reconstruction is imminently approaching for our St. Elizabeth Seton School. As I explained, this is going to ask for our commitment, because after consultation, the temporary portable classrooms must be placed in prime parking place- the area closest to the gym. This area has the sewer and electrical mechanisms necessary for conducting classes and assuring our children’s safety. The school has committed itself to the parish by sacrificing gym classes, practices, and sports’ games for us to continue worshipping and praising our God. Now they need our assistance. Once again, we all our thankful for your continuous commitment and conviction to St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church and School.

As for our church and related buildings, we are joyous about the progress! Painting and flooring are in process as of this letter’s writing. One challenge is the refurbishment of the pews. This is a lengthy process, and it will begin the middle of February. We have expressed to Gilbane Contracting that our desire is to re-enter our church as soon as it is habitable, leaving aside certain “finishing touches” that do not inhibit our re-entry. As is my policy, I will keep you apprised as to a tentative date of our return.

Peace and grace, Fr. Russell

Besides being Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time, it also is the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes and World Day of the Sick. None of us like to be ill or sick. It is a type of isolation and inhibits us from living full lives. And yet, although we can feel that way, Mary under her title of Lady of Lourdes reminds us that this is not necessarily true. Christ is that water that comes to refresh and cleanse us. Christ Jesus is that authentic hope that even if we are not “cured of a particular illness or disease,” we can be made whole. It has been said that no one ever leaves Lourdes unhealed: there always is a conversion, a turning to God that somehow becomes more intimate and deeper than before arriving there. That is the real and true healing that we all need and seek. This said, many who are sick are isolated, abandoned, and lonely. This was the primary reason for St. Elizabeth Seton to create the Our Lady of Lourdes Ministry. Our parishioners reach out and visit, pray, and bring Eucharist to those at AVOW Hospice. They become the Christ who cares and shares their presence with those who are ill.

If you know of anyone who no longer can attend worship and wants that “spring that cleanses and refreshes,” or anyone who feels that she/he has been disconnected with the Faith Community and/or God because they are homebound, please call the office. Like Christ Jesus, let us not wait for those to come to us, let us come to them. Peace.