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Feb. 14th, 2021 Bulletin & News

By February 12, 2021February 13th, 2021No Comments

Is our life drudgery?

From the desk of Fr Casey

Well, this world-wide pandemic has sure made our lives difficult!

Most tragedy in life is a consequence of sin. I am NOT saying that people suffering tragic loss are sinful. And I am NOT saying that God punishes sin with tragedy! I am saying our sufferings are due to some sin somewhere. The word ‘sin’ translates as ‘bad choice’ or ‘misses the mark,’ like in archery. So, because of bad choices at some point, our choices or the choices of others, we are experiencing sadness and suffering now. Sin disrupts the order that God intended for us in life. The moment that sin entered the world – Adam and Eve and the apple – is the moment that the world began to unravel. That is the bad news: we are all suffering the consequences of sin, the bad choices made by all of us.

The good news is that Jesus entered the world and is restoring it. Jesus brings us His word. Our Gospel today, last week and the week before demonstrates that Jesus preached this Good News. The Gospels show us the power of this preaching, the actual power of His words to change things, to change hearts, to heal and to liberate. Jesus’ words bring us liberation (like the man liberated from the demon spirit in the Gospel two weeks ago) and healing (Simon’s mother-in-law last week and the leper in today’s reading). And because we are free and healed in Christ, the drudgery of our life here on earth will not win. We have a new life in Christ, just like the leper. Nothing on this earth will have the final hold on us because we have heard the words of Jesus Christ. Here we are at Mass again this Sunday, to hear those words again.

We are not just waiting and hoping for good test results at the hospital. Rather, like I have said before, we have the Christian hope of Stage 4 terminal cancer. We know the salvation of Christ! We know the mercy of God to heal our sin and make us clean again like the leper. Our final place is not on this earth. Nothing on this earth will rule over our lives or our hope. Our final place is Heaven.

~Fr. Casey