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Dec 2nd, 2018 Bulletin & News

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Happy New Year?

Happy New Year! No, I am not trying to prematurely move us to January. Rather, I wanted to draw our attention to the fact that the first Sunday of Advent marks the dawn of a new Liturgical Year. This is a season of new beginnings. This weekend several among us were welcomed as Catechumens and Candidates for full Initiation into the Catholic Church. Welcome home!

If you know of anyone who would be interested in becoming a fully initiated member of the Catholic Church, or someone who has fallen away from the practice of the Faith, take the opportunity of this season to invite them to Mass with you, or encourage them to take the next step to receiving the fullness of grace found in the life of the Church. All are welcome.

In this first week of advent we are invited to reflect on the virtue of Hope. This is the symbolism of the first advent candle: one candle that illumines a place that once was dark. This world often seems dark, and at times can be scary. We are blessed that we have found a cause for hope: The life that a relationship with Christ brings. Jesus brings light to what he identifies in the Gospel reading today as the “anxieties of daily life”. Do not be afraid to share with others the hope that we have found. In this blessed season of Advent, let us consider how we may bring others to experience the grace of the Prince of Peace.

Come Lord Jesus! -Fr. Casey