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Dec. 27th, 2020 Bulletin & News

By December 27, 2020December 29th, 2020No Comments

Today Our Savior is Born!

Thank you for joining us at Mass at St. Elizabeth Seton Parish. I am truly glad you are here! As someone who has given my life to Christ, I want you to know how motivational and moving the Christmas attendance is to me. It has been a strange, anxious and disconcerting year. But having a lot of people at the Christmas Masses is always happy, joyful and hopeful.

I invite you to embrace hope! Pray for this! Just ask simply:

Father God, grace me with the gift of Hope!

Christ Jesus has come to us, and we hope for His return in glory. In the meantime, we have much to do and my hope for you is to grow in your faith:

  • grow your prayer life,
  • grow your knowledge of the Word of God and of the Church,
  • grow the amount of peace in your soul,
  • grow in the ability to tell others about our hope in Jesus.

While this pandemic is not yet behind us, there is much we can do to embrace our faith. I hope the ideas in this bulletin will be a starting point for you.

We are here for you. Myself, Fr. Luis and the parish staff are here to serve you – just reach out to us. God Bless us all with hope in Christ this Christmas season!

-Fr. Casey