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Oct 21st, 2018 Bulletin & News

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Dear Parishioners: It is with great joy that I share with you two amazing news in our community.

First: On Tuesday, October 16th, the students and staff of St. Elizabeth Seton moved back to our remodeled and upgraded school facilities. After 13 months, we were able to leave the temporary trailers and relocated to our new hurricane reinforced school. We followed the suggestion of our Bishop that we not only remodel but upgrade and make better and safer facilities. All the windows are hurricane wind force strength and the roof and shingles are the best quality for hurricanes. The feeling is of enthusiasm and great pride. Thanks to everyone who in one way or another, helped to make this move back to a better facilities school, a reality.

Second: We have hired a new D.R.E. or Director of Religious Education for St. Elizabeth Seton Parish. Hector Salazar was born in Mexico where he lived until his family moved to Chicago, Illinois when he was six years old. He has two older brothers, two older sisters and a fraternal twin. He earned a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and a Master in Theology. He was born and raised in a practicing Catholic family with deep rooted Catholic traditions. As a teenager, he was part of the parish choir where at 16 he became the youngest choir director taking the choir of 6 to a choir of 25 in six months (watch out Carl…). He organized retreats and night vigils and became a catechist, president of the parish council, member of the Bishop advisory committee and other ministries. Following a call from The Lord, he decided to leave a well stablished and remunerated career in Engineering to come to St. Elizabeth Seton to a higher service to God through the formation and education of our youth and parishioners. I ask you to please, make Hector feel welcome and support him. Feel free to give him ideas or suggestions.

Thank you. Welcome Home! God Bless!
Fr Luis Pacheco