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August 20th, 2017 Bulletin & News

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Retraction from Last Week’s Bulletin

My Dear Sisters and Brothers,

This is a formal retraction to the heretical article in this past weekend’s bulletin regarding Mary and her assumption into heaven. As your Spiritual Father and Administrator, I take full and sole responsibility for this mistake. Apparently, the original piece that was approved by me was replaced with an inaccurate article on Mary.

In NO uncertain terms is Mary either a deity or equal to God. Like all humanity, Mary, too, needed to be redeemed and saved by God. As the “Ark of the Covenant,” Jesus’ mother, our Blessed Mother was privileged in that she was redeemed and saved by Jesus’ Paschal Mystery ( His death and resurrection) at the moment of her conception. This grace from God makes Mary privileged among us, but not a deity.

God’s favor and grace bestowed upon Mary permitted her a unique role in Salvation History: one which inspires and reminds each of us to strive in reclaiming our identity as children of God and inheritors of God’s Kingdom.

Thank you again for calling this matter to my attention, and I regret any anguish and confusion that arose from this printed article.

Peace and grace,
Fr. Russell

From Padre…

“Thus says the Lord: Observe what is right, do what is just; for my salvation is about to come, my justice, about to be revealed.” This is the first line of today’s first reading from the prophet Isaiah. This is one example of justice’s prominent and incomparable role in both our Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. From Her inception, the Church has seen Social Justice as pivotal to Jesus’ mission and ministry.

Social Justice has been called the Church’s “best kept secret,” and yet our nation’s conflict with North Korea, the tragedies in the Middle East, Africa and througout the world, and the recent domestic terrorist attack in Virginia and those in recent years (the domestic attack in Orlando, the shooting of people of color in our country and the Dallas police killings) all demonstrate that we are “as sick as our secrets.” We cannot remain mute and voiceless even in those times that the Lord Jesus calls us into quietude and silence. Worship, prayer, and education are means to the goal of becoming Christ Jesus in the world, carrying forth His mission and ministry to reconcile the world to the Father.

Social Justice was introduced by Pope Pius XI in his 1931 encyclical, Quadragesimo Anno. He called this form of justice “social” because its purpose was to improve the common good of a “free and responsible people” by employing social activities that would affect and transform society. Many Roman Catholic scholars deem that Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical Rerum Novarum was the Magna Carta and the “official” beginning of Catholic Social Justice.

Justice in the World, a document produced by the Synod of Bishops in 1971, states : “Action on behalf of justice and participation in the transformation of the world fully appear to us as a constitutive dimension of the preaching of the Gospel, or, in othe words, of the church’s mission for the redemption of the human race and its liberation from every oppressive situation.” We as disciples, apostles, salt and light, and members of the Mystical Body of Christ cannot ignore this challenge and command by Christ Himself.

Catholic Social Justice is not about any particular political party, ideology, liberal or conservative, or traditional or progressive. It is about our call to be the conscience of the world, not doing so in arrogance, hubris, or self-righteousness. It is about prayer, worship, education and action. It is principal to our identity as children of God and inheritors of the Father’s Kingdom.

I am inviting all of us to come unto the Lord and see if we are being called to partake in a role in a new ministry: St. Elizabeth Seton’s Social Jutice MInistry. As in all ministries, such people should have a particular interest and possess a discerning call to create programs of prayer, education and action which inspire, inform and motivate our faith community’s members’ awareness of those travesties which blatantly and silently contradict the designs of God’s Kingdom.

Please contact the office to arrange a meeting with Fr. Russell with any inquiries, questions and discussion concerning this ministry. Remember, each of us, no matter how little or small, have talent, time, and treasure to give to the Lord and His people.

Peace and grace,

Fr. Russell