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Aug 29th, 2021 Bulletin & News

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Eternal High Priest Icon

By artist William Saladino |

Blessed by the Most Rev. Frank J. Dewane, Bishop of Venice in Florida, at the Installation Mass for the Rev. Casey F. Jones as Pastor of St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church, August 22, 2021. The inspiration for our icon is taken from two icons: Christ the Great High Priest and Christ the Pantocrator, both ancient images in iconography.

The face of Our Lord was inspired by Mr. Saladino’s graduate school research on the Shroud of Turin.

Christ is dressed in Latin Rite vestments, the ones worn by our priests during the Mass today. The green color signifies ordinary time, the most prevalent during the liturgical year and compliments the green tones in the church. In fact, you will also find that the blue and red tones compliment the beauty of our stained-glass windows.

The pelican depicted on the chasuble over Christ’s heart represents self-sacrifice. It was believed at one time that a pelican, unable to find food for its young, would pluck their own flesh to feed them, the way Christ feeds and nourishes us with His body and blood in the Eucharist. Therefore, the hymn, Adoro Te Devote, written by St. Thomas Aquinas, refers to Jesus as the ‘Good Pelican,’ pie pellicáne.

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