All are welcome... where we're alive in the Spirit!

St. Elizabeth Seton

All are welcome... where we're alive in the Spirit!




Alleluia! Alleluia! He is risen and lives!

My dear sisters and brothers in the Risen Christ,

On behalf of Fr. Luis, the staff, and myself, I pray that you and yours have a most blessed Easter season. I came across a line from Pope Francis' The Church of Mercy: A Vision for the Church. Our Holy Father writes in meditating about Jesus' knocking on the door (Revelations 3:20), ". . . how often is Jesus inside and knocking at the door to be let out, to come out? And we do not let him out because of our own need for security, because so often we are locked into ephemeral structures that serve solely to make us slaves and not free children of God."
We are reminded to "step out," as Pope Francis says: to encounter the one who lives. He is the Christ who comes to offer us peace, even those who called for His death. He is not afraid; He doesn't remain in the tomb; He stays forty days until He ascends to the Father. Why does He do so? It is His love for us. With God, love always is the motive and reason.
Christ Jesus wants to encounter and be encountered. Christ Jesus comes to intercede and not condemn. He comes to offer each one authentic life in abundance. We shout "Alleluia" because Christ lives to manifest Himself and to offer each one eternal life- not just for the future, but also, in the here and now.
As we celebrate this most solemn of seasons, no matter how we failed to succeed or succeeded in failure, Christ Jesus removes the stone that guarded His tomb because He was faithful and hopeful enough to remain our Lord and Savior. Let us take every opportunity to encounter Him. For He comes to offer peace and joy; He comes to offer each one an encounter to the divine.
Peace, joy, and love. Fr. Russell

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